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Serving to 300+ Businesses, Starting from 2010. Enterprises can use both for Sending Promotional SMS to N-number of prospect’s mobile no in the area of targeted Market Segment for product/service offer or Introduction of New Products as well as sending Informational SMS as Notifications or Alerts to their customers.
Connected with 70+ Partners. Reseller can be either existing Business or an individual. Leadofy offers to be a SMS & Email Reseller without any investment, No Setup fee, No Security. White label software interface protects your brand value & increases freedom of work & opens new gateway of good earnings.
Power Smpp enables resellers to be an SMS Agreegator by hosting their own SMS Application Gateway. Leadofy Power SMPP facilitates to bind n-number of SMPP connections with Uper Level SMSC or Opertaor followed by complete SMS Center management. For More details, Pls ask to our team.
Real Time Delivery
Leadofy facilitates Real time delivery report of each mobile numbers for tracking & analysis. We are known for transparent Messaging platform & Bulk SMS Delivery with real time delivery status updates. We have been relied for our service & real time instant delivery by our esteemed customers.

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Consumer Benefits over Other Communication & Advertising Media

  • SMS is now a mainstream response.

  • Highly accessible and is "anytime, anywhere".

  • Immediate. No call center queuing or having to remember a call-to-action.

  • Cheap compared to direct calling on a mobile.

  • Quick & Easy information.

  • Easy to remember than a 10 digit phone number.

  • Enables you to target both new & existing customers.

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Delhi, NCR
  • Discreet, Personal data not transmitted audibly.

  • Enables truly personalized communication with customers

  • Shortens your time to market considerably

  • Allows transmission of time sensitive information

  • Includes customization capabilities

  • Ensures Text SMS Delivery

  • Guarantees that your marketing messages are always welcome

Trusted by: 2000+ Users, 300+ Businesses 70+ Partners

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2000+ User Accounts | 400000000 SMS processed | 4+ Million Messages per Month
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